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OPzV 3000 Cell


  • Tubular positive plates, pressure cast from tin-calcium alloy
  • Electrolyte immobilized in Gel structure
  • Excellent cycling even in partial discharge state
  • Standard ABS material
  • Installation in vertical or horizontal position
  • Long service life

Product Application

  • Power Plants / Grid Stations
  • Telecommunication & IT
  • Emergency
  • Security
  • Traffic Systems (Signaling & Lighting) & UPS
  • Electro Medical Equipment
  • Drinking Water Supply Systems
  • Solar & Wind Energy System


  • Electrolyte: gel electrolyte uses imported silica, special tenichnics make it in a gel immobilized state, special additives make it very stable, lower internal resistance and no stratification
  • Positive plate: tubular type ,with die-casting thick Pb-Ca grid; it has very good corrosion resistance and a very long service life
  • Negative plate: pasted flat type, radial grid design ,good high rate discharge performance
  • Separator: PVC-SiO separator, low internal resistance, high pore rate and long life
  • Flooded electrolyte design: contain more electrolyte like a flooded battery, space between plates and separators is full of electrolyte thus means good heating capacity and avoid “thermal runaway”
  • Safety valves: good sensitivity, safe and reliable , equipped with double flame arrester/acid filter
  • Battery case: made of high strength ABS and durable design


Nominal Voltage
Capacity @ 10 HR
3000 AH
Dimensions (mm)L
Dimensions (mm)W
Dimensions (mm)H
Dimensions (mm)TH
Battery Weight In Kg